Use loyalty Program to bring in
new business  and keep your loyal
Customs Coming Back Again and Again!


Get More Cusomers to your business 

and keep them coming back again and again!

“Hello everyone, I’d like to introduce you all to a new partner of ours,  It is an all-in-one rewards and marketing program used by over 13,000 small businesses. It enables you to drive new customers through the door using word of mouth marketing and incentivize regulars to come back 2x more times using their automated messaging tool. If you want to learn more about them for your small business, Fill out the form below and I can set you up with our dedicated  Loyalty Consultant!

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What others are
saying about this Program:

Xochimex Cantina 

"When we began working with this Loyalty Program, we simply wanted to replace our punch card. However, there are reasons we have stayed with them almost five years now First, the innovation sets them apart; there is always something new. Just when I think I can live without it, I can’t because there’s always something new! I started by using this as a punch card replacement and now I can attract new customers! Second, the service that we have received from Fivestars is unlike any other. We’ve always known that we can count on Fivestars for a solution to any problem. Every time I call, and they have to troubleshoot an issue, they call me right back. - Carlos Luque, Owner Miami, FL

BakersBodega Express AUTO-POINTS FEATURE

I currently use Loyalty Program at my place of business, and I love it. Using the Auto-points feature makes it so much easier to remember to give our customers the points they so rightfully deserve. It also helps with analytics. We can better track how many customers are coming in to our place of business and making purchases. - Emmanuel Rodriguez, Owner Baldwin Park, CA

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